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1.Management  team : We have employ the foreign export  to take chaege of the overall managemnt ,especailly the technical managemnt and quality management .

2.Introducing ISO management ,We are awared ISO 9001:2008 certificate .

3.Lofting and design software :We have PLS software for transmisson power pole ,and MS TOWER software for telecom tower ,self-supporting tower and other related structures.

4.QC Inpection:It is our company policy that all the finish product should be inspected by our specialzed QC in every manufacure steps and beofore every shipment .

5.We are always persisting in horzontal cooperation with domestic senior project institute and technical colleges .The enterprise also has an highly qualified team working at R&D ,manufacure ,QC ,aftersales service and other important positions .

Tower Fabrication

As outlined throughout our company profile, we have the in-house fabrication facilities to manufacture complete series of telecom tower ,monopole ,landscape monopole, camouflage tree monopole ,self-supporting tower,RDS(rapid deployment sites),and camouflage antenna(air-conditioner;chinmey;water tank) with quick delivery at competitive prices. Let us provide you a quotation.

Tower Design
Tell us your requirements and we will design and detail a complete antenna support structure to meet your needs. All tower design is done in complete conformance with the latest revision of Telecommunications Industries Association standard TIA/EIA-222-G/F, “Structural Standards for Steel Antenna and Antenna Supporting Structures” and other industrystandards, as applicable.

Design and Detailing
We have broad experience with virtually every make and model of tower used in the United States and Ireland. Because of this, we can design and detail antenna mounts and other tower appurtenances to meet any needs and to fit anytower.With an in-house fabrication facility, we can custom-manufacture the items under our close scrutiny to deliver what you need.

Structure Analysis and Calculation
We provides exceptional structural analysis services. A structural analysis goes deeper than just a visual inspection. Thevisual inspection of a tower will show the physical condition of a tower such as rusting, cracking of welds, bent members, etc. but it will not show whether a tower is overstressed by the loads it is supporting. A structural analysis usesmathematical engineering formulas for stress, along with known behavior of different materials under stress, to determine if any one point on the tower is stressed beyond safe limits. By using state-of-the-art computer software, we can create a mathematicalmodel of any steel structure, and quickly determine the stresses at hundreds of points on the tower.

Telecom Structure Erection Guide
If you have any questions on tower structure erection ,pls feel free to contact us ,we can guide you how to erect the tower structure step by step ,we also can make the tower structure 3D erection drawing and assembly instruction .so it will help you out on tower Structure erection easily


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