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High Mast

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  • Product description:Our Flood lighting pole can be appied to the lighting of airport, sea port, plaza, stadium. And we have different headframe design for the the mounting for different quantity of floodlight Designed a
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1.Height: 20 m ~ 80 m.
2.Max length per section: 14 m
3.Thickness: 2.5mm ~ 30 mm
4.Shape: Conical or polygongal tapered
5.Material: Q235B/A283 M Gr.C / SS400/S235 JR / St 37-2 / Fe 360
Q345B/A572 M Gr. 50/S355 JR / ST 52-3/Fe 510
6.Lamp Power: 250W ~ 2000W (HPSL / MH)
7.Lifting system:Lifter fixed in the inner of the pole with lifting speed of 3 ~ 5 meter per minute
Euqiped with ectromagnetism brake and break-proof device, manual opeation applied under power cut.
8.Head frame: Our headframe can be designed as per customer requirment to carry camera or industrial antenna.
9.Finish: hot dipgalvanization, blasting, powder coating, painting.
10.Galvanization standard: ASTMA 123 / EN ISO 1461
11.Welding: AWS D 1.1 / BS EN 1011-1, BS EN 1011-2

Design: We have our standard pole with our design, OEM and ODM is also accpetable
Packages: Standard seaworthy
Delivery time: with two weeks after confirm the order.

Main Part :

1.    Luminaires

 The The entire Luminaire is constructed from aluminum alloy,formed by die casting,with protection degree more than IP65.High pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp are designated lighting source,and their power range is from 250W to 2000W.Customziation is still available.

2 .Luminaire Mounting Bracket

The primary function is to mount luminaires for lighting,and bespoke design is avaible to meet client’s requirement.All luminaire mounting brackets are constructed from high-quality steel and both inner and outer surfaces are processed by hot-dip-galvanization.

3. Mast

The mast is 12-sided polygonal cross section constructed from mild steel plates,by cutting,folding and welding.Furthermore,the entire mast is hot dip galvanized internally and externally.

4 .Raising and Lowering System

The Raising-and –Lowering System is the core part of raising-and-lowering highmast lighting,mainly consisting of winch, motor,pulley assembly, luminaire support ring,steering arm assembly,latching mechanism,bumper,cables,electrical devices and other components.


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