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  • camouflaged banyan tree towers
  • camouflaged banyan tree towers
  • camouflaged banyan tree towers
camouflaged banyan tree towerscamouflaged banyan tree towerscamouflaged banyan tree towers

camouflaged banyan tree towers

  • Product Item : DB-CB-01
  • Category: Disguised Cell Towers
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  • camouflaged banyan tree towers
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  • disguised cell towers
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  • Product description:Debao disguised cell towers include smartly designed towers that discreetly merge into their surroundings such as camouflage cell towers, advertisement towers, camouflage lamp poles ; as well as thin
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Detailed Product description as follows :
1. Circle /Polygonal 
2. Slip joint/Flange Joint
3. Hot Dip Galvanization (ASTM123)
4. ISO9001 / ISO14001 certificate
5. Branch(foliage): composite high strength material branche/250kmph wind pressure/RF transparent/without steel/anti-UV
6: Bark(trunk): expoxy mixed materail/vivid and beautiful/elastic/anti-uv/waterproof/fireproof/strong adsorbability/long lifespan
7. Slip joints result in easy field assembly and erection
8. Painting Optional:according to customer's requirements 
9. Branches all is RF transparent ,no steel inside of the branches ,in china ,no other manufacturer can do the branches without steel inside ,we did the test ,those branches with steel inside will make RF about 30% loss ,for our branches ,just about 1.8% RF loss
10.Design standard: TIA/EIA-222-G or TIA/EIA-222-F 
11.Design software: MS TOWER

Products Features: 
Available Height:10m-60M
Wind Pressure:50KM/H-280 KM/H
Branch Size: Branch A  (L)3.2m*(W)1.3m ;Branch B  (L)2.5m*(W)1.2m ;Branch C (L)2.0m*(W)1.1m ; Branch D (L)1.5m*(W)1.0m 
Branch Support: removable or fixed
Material:main shaft :Q345B/S355JR/ASTM572;Spare parts:Q235B/S235JR/ASTM A36
Anchor bolts:grade 8.8 hot-dipped zinc galvanization
Zinc thickness: minimum 100um for main structure
Vivid appearance,less space ,easy to install 
Structure:OSlip joint/Flange Joint
Lifetime:main shaft and steel parts more than 30 years;branches:minimum 5 years;barks: minimum 15 years
Delivery Lead Time: 35 Days after we receive deposit or LC 
Antenna Loading Quantity Range:3-18 PCS
Microwave Dish loading Quantity Range :3-18 PCS
Working &Resting Platform Quantity Range:1-3 PCS
Concealed mounts available
Cable and Ladder: can be assembled by customer's request
Typically assembled and erected within a matter of hours
May be fitted with various combinations of feedline entry, feedline exit, and personal access ports
Cable line:supported on internal J-hooks
Earthing Cable and earthing bar : according to customer's request,generally our offer not including this part
Complete line of antenna mounts and accessories available
Provided with step bolts and cable-type safety climb system
Normal camouflaged pine tree tower including : lightning rod ,antenna support ,cable tray,microwave suppport ,platform ,main section shaft,connection bolts ,anchor bolts ,templates ,internal/external ladder ,branches and barks and etc 
Aviation light: we can make it if customer request


Name: Mr.Brooks Shen




Add:3# Road, Dongzhou Industrial Park, Fuyang District, Hangzhou City, China 311400