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Self-Supporting Tower

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  • self-supporting tower
  • Product description:Self-Supporting Tower,telecom tower,three legged tubular tower
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Tower Location: needed to identify tower and to determine the TIA/EIA-222-G or TIA/EIA-222-F recommended wind speeds.
Tower Make/Model: gives us the information needed to determine tower construction.
Tower Height.
Compass orientation of tower face.
As-built drawings.
Tower leg, diagonal and girt sizes with type and grade of steel.
Quantity, size and grade of bolts used in construction.
Accurate antenna loading on tower (antenna type, elevation on tower, azimuth.)
Location and type of other loads on tower (lights, platforms, ice shields, etc.)
Soils analysis at tower base and at guy anchors.
Elevation of guy anchors as compared to the elevation of the tower base.
Location and sizes of antenna feed lines.
Location and size of stabilizers.
Guy anchor radii (distance of guy anchors from base of tower.)
Type of tower base (pivot or fixed.)
Foundation design for tower and anchors.
Proposed antenna loading, if the tower is to be analyzed considering loads other than the existing tower load.
Photographs of the tower.
Any unusual climatic conditions. (For example, are prevailing wind and ice conditions at the tower site higher than normal)
NOTE: Absence of the above information will cause the tower to be analyzed based on certain assumptions such as soil conditions,
manufacturers’ specifications, and professional engineering experience and judgment. The analysis results will represent conditions as
provided to Ehresmann Engineering by the client. Ehresmann Engineering can provide an on-site inspection of your tower to obtain required information.
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